Surface Mine Stage 1 – view1
Surface Mine Stage 1 – view2
Surface Mine Stage 1 – view3
Surface Mine Stage 1 – view4
Surface Mine Stage 1 – view5
Surface Mine Stage 1 – view5
Stage 1
Surface Mine Stage 1 – view6
Aerial view of ROM pad and Process Plant
Aerial view of ROM pad and Process Plant
Aerial view of Process Plant
Aerial view of Process Plant
RSI - spillway view
RSI - pond view1
RSI - pond view1
RSI - pond view2
RSI - pond view2

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2019 News Updates
28/06/2019 Funding and Banking Update
25/06/2019 Results of AGM
25/06/2019 AGM Statement
03/06/2019 Funding and Banking Update
30/05/2019 Posting of Annual Report and Notice of AGM
30/05/2019 MTL Annual Accounts
03/05/2019 Funding and Banking Update
24/04/2019 Quarterly Update To 31 March 2019
12/04/2019 Appointment of Nominated Adviser
01/04/2019 Funding and Banking Update
29/03/2019 Funding and Banking Update
15/03/2019 Resignation of Nominated Adviser
12/03/2019 Funding & Banking Update-Debt Standstill Requested
06/03/2019 Funding and Banking Update
28/02/2019 Interim CFO Appointed
27/02/2019 Results of Operational Review and Clarifications
18/02/2019 Amendment to Senior Lenders' Facility agreement
08/02/2019 Banking Update
05/02/2019 Appointment of Non-Executive Director
31/01/2019 Banking Update
30/01/2019 Quarter Ending 31 December 2018 operations update
25/01/2019 Holding in Company
25/01/2019 Directorate Change
25/01/2019 Appointment of Chairman
24/01/2019 Directorate Change
16/01/2019 Corporate Update - Presentation Jan 2019
16/01/2019 Corporate Update
03/01/2019 Appointment of CEO
2018 News Updates
31/12/2018 Short Term Loans Update
06/12/2018 Directorship Change
22/11/2018 Working Capital Funding
02/11/2018 Operations Update
01/11/2018 Typhoon Rosita
25/10/2018 Quarter ending 30 September 2018 operations update
09/10/2018 Banking and Operational Update
28/09/2018 Interim results for the six month period ended 30 June 2018
17/09/2018 Typhoon Mangkhut
29/08/2018 Banking Update
31/07/2018 Banking Update
25/07/2018 Working Capital Facility
23/07/2018 Quarter ending 30 June 2018 operations update
05/07/2018 Operations Update
29/06/2018 Banking Update
19/06/2018 Results of AGM
19/06/2018 Company AGM Presentation
24/05/2018 Annual Results 2017
24/05/2018 Notice of Annual General Meeting
24/05/2018 Chairman's Letter to Shareholders
24/05/2018 Form of Proxy for AGM
18/05/2018 Notice of Annual General Meeting
10/05/2018 Directors Resignations
20/04/2018 Quarter ending 31 March 2018 operations update
16/04/2018 Director's Share Dealings
10/04/2018 Director's Share Dealings
27/03/2018 Standby Funding
23/01/2018 Quarter ending 31 December 2017 update
2017 News Updates
13/12/2017 December Operations Update
19/10/2017 Quarter ended 30 September 2017 update
02/10/2017 Mezzanine Debt Facility Documentation Completed
29/09/2017 $21m Mezzanine Debt Facility Secured Subject to Final Documentation
29/09/2017 Interim results for the six month period ended 30 June 2017
19/09/2017 Operations and Mezzanine Debt Facility Update
26/07/2017 Quarter ending 30 June 2017 update
30/06/2017 Short Term Funding Secured
15/06/2017 Results of AGM
24/05/2017 Funding
22/05/2017 Annual Results 2016
22/05/2017 Notice of Annual General Meeting
22/05/2017 Chairman’s Letter to Shareholders
22/05/2017 Form of Proxy for AGM
24/04/2017 Quarter ending 31 March 2017 update
10/04/2017 Director's Resignation
15/03/2017 Project Update
18/01/2017 Canaccord Genuity Appointed Nomad and Broker
13/01/2017 Amendment to Director’s Share Dealing
12/01/2017 Holding(s) in Company
10/01/2017 Director’s Share Dealings
2016 News Updates
19/12/2016 Debt Rescheduling
30/11/2016 Holding in Company
29/11/2016 First Gold Sale, Ramp Up & Debt Rescheduling
14/11/2016 Equity Raising
30/09/2016 Interim results for the six month period ended 30 June 2016
15/09/2016 Holding in Company
15/09/2016 Form of Proxy
15/09/2016 Notice of General Meeting
15/09/2016 Chairman's letter to Shareholders
08/09/2016 Equity Raising
26/08/2016 Runruno Gold Project Update
25/07/2016 Equity Raising
15/07/2016 Runruno Gold Project Update
13/07/2016 Runruno Gold Project Update
30/06/2016 Runruno Gold Project Update
24/06/2016 Results of AGM
24/06/2016 Mill update
13/06/2016 Runruno Gold Dore Pour
26/05/2016 Annual Results 2015
25/05/2016 Notice of Annual General Meeting
25/05/2016 Chairman’s Letter to Shareholders
25/05/2016 Form of Proxy for AGM
11/05/2016 Runruno Gold Project update
25/04/2016 Lifting of Partial Suspension Order
22/04/2016 Results of the General Meeting
04/04/2016 Chairman’s Letter to Shareholders
04/04/2016 Notice of General Meeting
04/04/2016 Form of proxy for GM
29/03/2016 Director’s Share Dealings
21/03/2016 Holding in Company
21/03/2016 Holding in Company
18/03/2016 Total Voting Rights
11/03/2016 Equity Raising
07/03/2016 Partial Suspension Order Update
26/01/2016 Debt Reschedule, Permitting and Commissioning Update
2015 News Updates
03/11/2015 Holding in Company
28/10/2015 Mines and Geosciences Bureau Partial Suspension Order
27/10/2015 Open Offer Results and Issue of Equity
19/10/2015 Typhoon Koppu
15/10/2015 GM Presentation of the Company
15/10/2015 Results of General Meeting
28/09/2015 Open Offer and General Meeting announcement
28/09/2015 Open Offer Circular to Shareholders
28/09/2015 Open Offer Application Form
28/09/2015 Form of Proxy
24/09/2015 Interim results for the six months period ended 30 June 2015
24/09/2015 Total voting rights
18/09/2015 $5.0m Equity Raising
07/08/2015 Commissioning and Funding Update
29/07/2015 Holding in Company
30/06/2015 AGM Video Presentation of the Project
30/06/2015 AGM Results
30/06/2015 AGM Company Presentation
04/06/2015 Annual Results 2014
04/06/2015 Notice of Annual General Meeting
04/06/2015 Chairman's Letter to Shareholders
04/06/2015 Form of Proxy for AGM
15/04/2015 Holding in the Company – Ruffer LLP
15/04/2015 Holding in Company – Baker Steel Capital Managers
14/04/2015 Holding in Company – Ruffer LLP
18/03/2015 2015 AGM Announcement
23/02/2015 Operational Update to 13 February 2015
19/01/2015 Director resignation and appointment
2014 News Updates
30/09/2014 Interim results for the six month period ended 30th June 2014
17/09/2014 Operational Update to 31 August 2014
11/09/2014 Principal Shareholder Restructuring
10/09/2014 Holding in Company – MTL (Luxembourg) S.a.r.l
10/09/2014 Holding in Company – Shelfco 724 Limited
10/09/2014 Holding in Company – Solomon Capital Limited
26/06/2014 AGM Results
26/06/2014 AGM Project Presentation
26/06/2014 Philippines Operations in Pictures
28/05/2014 US $83million Debt Facility Agreement
24/05/2014 Report and accounts for Year Ended 31 December 2013
23/05/2014 Annual Results 2013
23/05/2014 Notice of AGM date
23/05/2014 Notice of Annual General Meeting
23/05/2014 Chairman's Letter
23/05/2014 Form of Proxy for AGM
02/04/2014 Holding in Company
11/03/2014 Operational Update to 28 February 2014
07/03/2014 Appointment of Non-executive director
03/03/2014 Dismissal of Writ of Kalikasan and Writ of Continuing Mandamus
2013 News Updates
04/12/2013 Operational Update to 25 November 2013
12/11/2013 Typhoon Haiyan
21/10/2013 Writ of Kalikasan
15/10/2013 Issue of Equity
24/09/2013 Interim results for the six month period ended 30th June 2013
02/08/3012 BOARD CHANGES
19/06/2013 AGM 2013 results and Commencement of Construction
17/06/2013 Issue of Equity
05/06/2013 Open Offer Result and Issue of Equity
31/05/2013 Total Voting Rights
29/05/2013 Dismissal of petitions for a Writ of Kalikasan and a Writ of Continuing Mandamus
24/05/2013 Form of Proxy
24/05/2013 Chairman's Letter
24/05/2013 Notice of Annual General Meeting
24/05/2013 Annual Results 2012
10/05/2013 Open Offer Announcement
10/05/2013 Open Offer Circular to Shareholders
10/05/2013 Open Offer Application form
02/05/2013 Holding in Company
08/04/2013 Operational Update to 31 March 2013
28/03/2013 Equity Raising Circular and Notice of General Meeting March 2013
28/03/2013 Form of Proxy
26/03/2013 $57.7m Equity Raising
28/02/2013 Information on BIR Memorandum Circular No17-2013
2012 News Updates
09/11/2012 Writ of Kalikasan
06/11/2012 Change of Broker
17/10/2012 Holding in Company
03/10/2012 Equity Raising, Total Voting Rights and Share Capital
27/09/2012 Interim results for the six month period ended 30th June 2012
31/08/2012 Result of GM, Issue of Equity & Board Changes
08/08/2012 Shareholders' circular and Notice of General Meeting
08/08/2012 Form of Proxy for GM 30 August 2012
08/08/2012 Equity Fundraising circular announcement
31/07/2012 Equity Raising and Debt Funding
26/07/2012 Operational Update Quarter Ended 30 June 2012
29/06/2012 Total Voting Rights & Share Capital
27/06/2012 Issue of Equity
13/06/2012 AGM 2012 results
23/05/2012 Proxy Form for AGM
22/05/2012 Final Results for the Year Ended 31 December 2011
21/05/2012 Notice of Annual General Meeting
08/05/2012 Operational Update Quarter Ended 31 March 2012
02/02/2012 Holding in Company
01/02/2012 Notification of Re-organisation of Nominated Adviser
25/01/2012 Addendum to the Operational Update Quarter Ended 31 December 2011
25/01/2012 Operational Update Quarter Ended 31 December 2011
2011 News Updates
06/12/2011 Corporate Update
24/10/2011 Operational Update Quarter Ended 30 September 2011
29/09/2011 Interim Results for the Six Months Ended 30th June 2011
06/09/2011 Appointment of Broker
23/08/2011 Holding in Company
18/08/2011 Holding in Company
18/08/2011 Holding in Company
18/08/2011 Total Voting Rights & Share Capital
17/08/2011 Holding in company
16/08/2011 Issue of Equity
31/07/2011 Total Voting Rights & Share Capital
25/07/2011 Holding in Company
27/07/2011 Operational Update Quarter Ended 30 June 2011
12/07/2011 Issue of Equity
12/07/2011 Issue of Equity
08/07/2011 Solomon Capital Limited Announces Intention to Exercise Option and an Agreement with Baker Steel Capital Managers LLP
22/06/2011 Runruno Regional Exploration Update
26/05/2011 Proxy Form for AGM
26/05/2011 Notice of Annual General Meeting
23/05/2011 Final Results for the Year Ended 31 December 2010
20/05/2011 Extension to Auditor Term
18/05/2011 Runruno Step Out Drilling and Regional Exploration Update
10/05/2011 Directorate Change
20/04/2011 Close of Offer Made by Solomon Capital and of the Period for Exercise of the Right to Rescind
04/04/2011 Completion of Subscription and Shareholders' Agreement
01/04/2011 Total Voting Rights and Share Capital
31/03/2011 Adjournment of General Meeting  
30/03/2011 Operational Update First Quarter 2011  
14/03/2011 Issue of Equity  
07/03/2011 Issue of Equity 
08/03/2011 Subscription and Shareholders Agreement 
2010 News Updates
22/12/2010MTL Announce 16 Operational Update 
16/12/2010Holding in Company 
16/12/2010Holding in Company 
16/11/2010Interim results for the 6 month period ended 30th June 2010 
12/11/2010£13 million Convertible Facility Agreement  
10/11/2010Acceptance of Offer 
27/10/2010Executive Management Change 
27/09/2010Offer Update 
17/09/2010Statement by the Independent Director 
06/09/2010Solomon Offer Update RNS 
20/08/2010Solomon Capital Cash Offer 
23/07/2010Solomon Capital Offer Response 
23/07/2010Rule 2.10 Announcement 
23/07/2010Solomon Capital Offer 
14/06/2010Result of Annual General Meeting 
19/05/2010Grant of Options 
18/05/2010Notice of Annual General Meeting 
17/05/2010Final results for the year ended 31st December 2009 
11/05/2010Change of Broker 
11/05/2010Change of Broker 
04/05/2010Runruno Feasibility Study Completed 
15/03/2010Environmental Compliance Certificate awarded 
03/02/2010Rule 8.3 form 
26/01/2010Updated Runruno economic guidance 
08/01/2010Directorate change 
2009 News Updates
21/12/2009Runruno step-out drilling results 
18/12/2009Directorate change 
26/11/2009Advisor change of name 
19/11/2009Maps accompanying resource update announcement 
19/11/2009Runruno resource update 
17/11/2009Temporary suspension from AIM 
29/10/2009FTAA awarded for Runruno project 
01/10/2009Holding in Company 
30/09/2009Total voting rights 
18/09/2009Meeting with President Macapagal-Arroyo 
07/09/2009Resource review by Mining Associates Pty 
06/08/2009Renewal of Runruno Exploration Permit 
28/07/2009Result of EGM held on 28th July 2009 
06/07/2009Shareholder Circular and Notice of EGM 
06/07/2009Notice of EGM on 28th July 2009 
25/06/2009Results of Annual General Meeting 
05/06/2009Option exercise and issue of equity 
03/06/2009Holding in Company 
01/06/2009Final results for the 3 months ended 31st Dec 2008 
01/06/2009Notice of Annual General Meeting 
29/05/2009Total voting rights 
07/05/2009£12M raised in placing 
30/04/2009Total voting rights 
24/04/2009Result of Annual General Meeting 
21/04/2009Change of accounting reference date 
20/04/2009Notice convening Annual General Meeting 
15/04/2009Best Community Development Initiative award 
23/03/2009Final results for the year ended 30th Sept 2008 
10/03/2009Endorsement of FTAA by DENR 
09/03/2009Issue of equity 
27/02/2009Total voting rights 
11/02/2009Holding in Company 
23/01/2009Grant of warrants 
16/01/2009Holding in Company 
16/01/2009Holding in Company 
16/01/2009Holding in Company 
15/01/2009Holding in Company 
12/01/2009 £3.7M placing and agreement of debt finance 
2008 News Updates
03/11/2008Positive Scoping Study results 
13/10/2008Runruno resource update 
30/09/2008Total voting rights 
15/09/2008Warrant exercise 
29/08/2008Total voting rights 
19/08/2008Warrant exercise 
15/07/2008Scoping Study update 
09/07/2008Appointment of Chairman and Finance Director 
07/07/2008Holding in Company 
05/06/2008Additional Exploration Permits granted 
30/05/2008Total voting rights 
28/05/2008Holding in Company 
22/05/2008Holding in Company 
21/05/2008Holding in Company 
16/05/2008£4M raised in placing 
28/04/2008Result of Annual General Meeting 
15/04/2008Concept Study completed 
10/04/2008Notice of Annual General Meeting 
07/04/2008Metallurgical test results 
07/04/2008Change of Advisor 
28/03/2008Final results for the year ended 30th September 2007 
13/03/2008Cripple Creek analogy confirmed 
04/03/2008Runruno resource update 
28/01/2008Scoping study led by Ian Holzberger 
2007 News Updates
02/11/2007Runruno resource update 
04/10/2007Total voting rights 
03/10/2007Runruno drilling update 
26/09/2007Warrant exercise 
14/09/2007Warrant exercise 
14/09/2007Holding in Company 
07/09/2007Holding in Company 
05/09/2007Warrant exercise 
31/08/2007Total voting rights 
22/08/2007Holding in Company 
20/08/2007Director's dealing 
20/08/2007AIM Rule 26 compliance 
16/08/2007Holding in Company 
14/08/2007Nickel property rights in Indonesia 
13/08/2007Strategic acquisition of remaining 15of Runruno project 
02/08/2007Renewal of Runruno Exploration Permit 
31/07/2007Holding in Company 
30/07/2007Warrant exercise 
27/07/2007Holding in Company 
26/07/2007Warrant exercise 
19/07/2007Fund raising via placing and convertible note 
17/07/2007Change of Registered Office 
11/07/2007Runruno drilling results 
29/06/2007Total voting rights 
12/06/2007Holding in Company 
12/06/2007Warrant exercise 
01/05/2007Holding in Company 
01/05/2007Appointment of Director 
30/04/2007Resolutions passed at Annual General Meeting 
30/04/2007Grant of options and warrants 
16/04/2007Issue of equity 
16/04/2007Holding in Company 
02/04/2007Director shareholding 
30/03/2007Report and Accounts for year ended 30.09.2006 
29/03/2007Runruno drill results and three new EPs 
23/03/2007Holding in Company 
23/03/2007Holding in Company 
23/03/2007Issue of equity 
22/03/2007Holding in Company 
22/03/2007Holding in Company 
20/03/2007Holding in Company 
28/02/2007Total voting rights 
12/02/2007Issue of equity 
05/02/2007Issue of equity 
31/01/2007Runruno initial metallurgical testwork 
31/01/2007Preliminary metallurgical test results 
2006 News Updates
21/12/2006Total voting rights 
06/12/2006Runruno resource update 
06/12/2006Runruno resource update 
04/12/2006Holding in Company 
17/11/2006Issue of equity 
09/11/2006Holding in Company 
06/11/2006Change of Director 
03/11/2006Issue of equity 
23/10/2006Holding in Company 
18/10/2006Placing to raise £5M 
18/10/2006Placing to raise £5M 
17/10/2006Issue of equity 
03/10/2006Holding in Company 
03/10/2006Holding in Company 
22/09/2006new Chief Executive 
22/09/2006Runruno resource statement 
11/09/2006Holding in Company 
23/08/2006Issue of equity 
22/08/2006Holding in Company 
14/08/2006Issue of equity 
10/08/2006Holding in Company 
07/08/2006Runruno drilling results 
28/07/2006Director shareholding 
19/07/2006Warrant exercise 
18/07/2006Change of Advisor 
06/07/2006Appointment of Director 
06/07/2006Appointment of Director 
30/06/2006Interim results for the 6 months to 31 March 2006 
20/06/2006Baguio EP historical data review 
12/06/2006Runruno drilling results 
08/06/2006Warrant exercise 
06/06/2006Issue of equity 
30/05/2006Holding in Company 
22/05/2006Warrant exercise 
16/05/2006Holding in Company 
15/05/2006Holding in Company 
15/05/2006Warrant exercise 
11/05/2006Runruno resource update 
09/05/2006Warrant exercise 
25/04/2006Result of Annual General Meeting 
25/04/2006Warrant exercise 
25/04/2006Results of Annual General Meeting 
19/04/2006Grant of options 
10/04/2006Holding in Company 
31/03/2006Runruno drilling results 
31/03/2006Runruno drilling results 
30/03/2006Report and Accounts for the period ended 30 September 2005 
30/03/2006Notice of Annual General Meeting 
10/03/2006Warrant exercise 
09/03/2006Holding in Company 
08/03/2006Warrant exercise and Holding in Company 
07/03/2006Drilling results and permit lodged 
27/02/2006Warrant exercise 
21/02/2006Issue of equity 
10/02/2006Holding in Company 
07/02/2006Exercise of warrants 
30/01/2006Exercise of warrants 
25/01/2006Masapelid joint venture 
25/01/2006Masapelid joint venture amendment 
24/01/2006Holding in Company 
20/01/2006Exercise of warrants 
16/01/2006Issue of equity 
16/01/2006Runruno drilling results 
16/01/2006Additional Runruno assay results 
2005 News Updates
29/09/2005Runruno project update 
27/05/2005Runruno channel sampling results 
23/12/2005Warrant exercise 
21/12/2005Warrant exercise 
16/12/2005First Rununo drill hole assay results 
16/12/2005First assay results for Runruno project 
13/12/2005Holding in Company 
06/12/2005Warrant exercise 
23/11/2005Option to Purchase Agreement and dilling update 
23/11/2005Runruno project update 
02/02/2005Warrant exercise 
10/11/2005Movement in share price 
08/11/2005Grant of Warrants 
01/11/2005Director shareholding 
07/10/2005Result of Annual General Meeting 
07/10/2005Result of Annual General Meeting 
02/02/2005Change of accounting reference date 
19/09/2005Holding in Company 
14/09/2005Placing to raise £1.25M 
02/02/2005Placing to raise £1.25M 
06/09/2005Notice of AGM 
06/09/2005Notice of Annual General Meeting 
01/09/2005Change of Advisor 
16/08/2005Issue of shares 
10/08/2005Issue of shares and warrants 
10/07/2005Holding in Company 
30/06/2005Interim results for the 6 months to 31 March 2005 
28/06/2005Puray project purchase option 
28/06/2005Option to purchase Puray project 
13/06/2005Runruno tunnel sampling results 
13/06/2005Final Runruno channel sampling results 
27/05/2005Runruno channel sampling results 
09/05/2005Runruno drilling results 
09/05/2005Runruno mapping results 
11/04/2005Masepelid project update 
02/03/2005Initial Masepelid sampling results 
18/02/2005Acquisition of Jaculpan project 
02/02/2005Acquisition of Runruno project