Surface Mine Stage 1 – view1
Surface Mine Stage 1 – view2
Surface Mine Stage 1 – view3
Surface Mine Stage 1 – view4
Surface Mine Stage 1 – view5
Surface Mine Stage 1 – view5
Stage 1
Surface Mine Stage 1 – view6
Aerial view of ROM pad and Process Plant
Aerial view of ROM pad and Process Plant
Aerial view of Process Plant
Aerial view of Process Plant
RSI - spillway view
RSI - pond view1
RSI - pond view1
RSI - pond view2
RSI - pond view2

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AIM Rule 26

Since the amendments to the AIM Rules for Companies were introduced on 20 February 2007 by the London Stock Exchange, each AIM company must maintain a website on which certain information is to be made available to the public free of charge. This information is currently available on the Metals Exploration Plc website in the most appropriate section, but the Exchange have recommended that it also be available on a single page.

In this page we provide the corporate information pertaining to Metals Exploration plc in one place, with direct links to documents hosted on a different page in the website.

Corporate Governance :

Metals Exploration plc (the "Company") is committed to maintaining the highest standards of corporate governance throughout its operations and to ensuring that all of its practices are conducted transparently. The Company believes that scrutinising all aspects of its business and reflecting, analysing and improving its procedures will result in the continued success of the Company and improve shareholder value. Therefore, and as required under recent changes to the AIM Rules for Companies, the Company has chosen to formalise its governance policies by adopting the UK's Quoted Companies Alliance Corporate Governance Guidelines for Small and Mid-Size Quoted Companies (the "QCA Code").

The full corporate governance statement can be found on the Corporate Governance page.

City Code - Takeovers and Mergers :

Metals Exploration plc is subject to the City Code on Takeovers and Mergers.

Admission to AIM :

Metals Exploration plc was admitted to the Alternative Investment Market for trading its shares on 22 October 2004.

Description of Business:

Metals Exploration Plc`s objective is to discover and develop high value gold, copper and other mineral resources within the Southeast Asia - Pacific region with immediate emphasis on the Philippines. We are focused on increasing shareholder value through the acquisition and development of mineral exploration properties in Southeast Asia, and in particular the Philippines.

Metals Exploration Plc`s management strategy and corporate plan is to:

  • Provide Shareholders with the capital growth potential that the discovery of a world class mine can deliver.
  • Use financial modelling to ensure that the targets being sought are of the style to deliver a low-cost position on the production-cost curve.
  • Undertake minimum industry best practice, cost-effective and precise exploration on those targets most likely to deliver real Shareholder wealth.
  • After normalising mine operations at Runruno, to maintain a "queue" of projects ranging from grass-roots exploration through to well-advanced resource projects to projects requiring definitive feasibility studies.
  • Manage the real value of its tenement portfolio by advancing short-term value projects, Joint Venturing long-term value projects requiring significant capital, or by selling off those assets which deliver immediate value to the shareholders.
  • To conduct operations in a safe and environmentally responsible manner; to offer employment opportunities to those who live in the exploration project areas, and to respect the indigenous culture of the exploration provinces and promote social and economic development for the traditional custodians.

Director Details:

Please see the Directors page for full details.

Country of Origin:

Metals Exploration PLC is incorporated in England and Wales (Registered Number: 05098945), with its registered office at: 200 Strand London WC2R IDJ. The main country of operation is the Philippines. For further details of our projects in the Philippines please see the Projects area of the site.

Current Constitutional Documents:

The Memorandum and Articles of Association of the Company are available on the Subscription and Shareholders Agreement page.

Exchange Information:

The Company currently trades on the London Stock Exchange AIM as 'MTL'. For further information please visit the London Stock Exchange website page for Metals Exploration Plc.

Securities Information:

Information concerning securities in issue, as well as the identity and percentage holdings of its significant shareholders is available on our Capital Structure page.

Restrictions on the Transfer of Securities:

There are no restrictions on the transfer of securities.

Financial Reporting:

All financial reports made available by us can be downloaded from the Financials page within the Investor Relations area of this website.

Notifications over last 12 months:

All announcements made by the Company are available within the Investor Relations area of this website on the Company News page.

Admission Document and Publication:

The AIM admission document can be downloaded from the Investor Relations area of our website. All other documents such as broker reports, interim results and Annual reports are also available for download from the Investor Relations area.


Please see the Advisers page for full details.