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FCF Minerals Corporation is pleased to share with you its second Sustainability Report covering its sustainability performance from January 1, 2018 to December 31, 2019. This report presents the initiatives and programs that FCF Minerals has implemented since the start of its commercial operations in July 2017. This also discusses new data and information different from the first FCF Minerals Sustainability Report, which focused on milestones during the exploration and construction phases of the mine site.

The long-term goal of FCF Minerals is to be a pioneer in operational efficiency while keeping its contributions to social development, environmental protection, and employee welfare. FCF Minerals’ business decisions are guided by the principles of sustainable development, keeping in mind its potential impacts to the environment and well-being of the current and future generations. With this, FCF Minerals has developed a strategy defining the priorities of its balanced business plan.

FCF Minerals Sustainability Report
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FCF Minerals Corporation observes and is committed to comply with the international standards and best practices to the effective stewardship, protection and enhancement of the environment in and around the areas where it operates that does not harm the people and the environment. It also organizes and supports various environmental programs and activities including seedling nurseries for its reforestation program, slope stabilization and rehabilitation of disturbed areas, monitoring of environmental resources as well as waste management.